Shit Liberals Say To Radicals

This is a blog for fellow revolutionaries, socialists, anarchists, etc., to submit quotes, pictures, printscreens, or whatever of liberals saying shit to us.

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Who donates to campaigns or PAC’s can’t be controlled…So the only thing Wall Street donations tell me, is they either expect Obama to win (and hope to garner favor through donations), or they’re donating money to his campaign in hopes of creating a perception that he supports Wall Street (to drive a wedge between Obama and his natural constituency).

I listened to a 3-hour podcast on anarchism. I know what I’m talking about.

I’m in green, if you didn’t catch that.

I’m in green, if you didn’t catch that.

OK, but could you send a source that’s from a more reliable news outlet? You know, something in the US?

"You just need to grow up, learn to work within the system, and recognize that compromise is a simple fact of life that you cannot avoid."

"You just need to grow up, learn to work within the system, and recognize that compromise is a simple fact of life that you cannot avoid."

Do you even know the whole story around the Koran Burning? As for pissing on corpses, I have always said it was stupid as hell, not a Court Martial Offense, but some wall to wall counseling.

There is a difference between whistleblowing and what PFC Manning did. The funny thing is I am far from an imperialist or a Zionist!

We need to learn to adapt rather than challenge everything. Remember, revolution is mostly evolution.

Finally, I’d note that a good many cities in Michigan are in fact already in the hands of appointed managers: under the council/manager form of government, the elected officials do not actually have control of the day-to-day operation of the city, or any ability to direct city employees — they appoint, not elect, a professional City Manager who handles all of that. How many people here are mortally morally offended by the presence of a City Manager, an appointed/unelected official, running our city? (Generally, this is considered a “progressive” system, in the classic sense of the term: reducing the opportunity for corruption in local government by insulating city staff from meddling elected councilmembers and placing them instead under the guidance of a professional.)


“There’s a substantial subset of progressives who would rather maintain the ideological purity of complete powerlessness than sully themselves with anything that smells of compromise. They can be spotted by their constant reminders that the whole system is corrupt, that anybody who doesn’t agree with them on every point is a hopeless sell-out, and that nothing will change, ever, unless everything changes immediately.

If you encounter one of these, don’t ever criticize them for encouraging people not to vote, because after denying that they’re telling people not to vote they will again explain, as if talking to a child, that voting doesn’t really matter and only chumps think it does. Then they’ll call you a hopeless sell-out.”

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